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Rigging (Reserve Repack - $75)

Skydive Dallas maintains a state-of-the-art rigging loft to provide guests with a full spectrum of rigging services. Our chief rigger is FAA Master Rigger Greg Beecher. Since 1995, Greg has accumulated over 4200 reserve repacks and inspections and over 220 documented saves. Among the many services his loft provides:

  • Reserve canopy inspections and repacks
  • Parachute repairs
  • Relines
  • Full assemblies
  • Pre-purchase inspection and evaluation of used gear
  • Minor jumpsuit repairs & modifications
  • Custom gear creation (on a case by case basis)

Greg is available for emergency repairs or consultation most jumping days. For further information, please email him directly at

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Packing (Sport Packjob - $6)

Skydive Dallas maintains two large, carpeted, indoor packing areas in the main hangar with easy access to and from the main landing area.

Experienced Jumpers - For those who need or prefer to use paid packing services, Skydive Dallas offers sport pack jobs for $6 each. We have a team of experienced packers who have honed their skills at the country's major dropzones, competitions, boogies, and bigway events. Although we always try to ensure that there will be enough packers to meet demand, we recommend that you contact us if you plan to visit Skydive Dallas as part of a larger group (especially if your visit will fall on a weekday), or if you require dedicated packers to support team training or some other special event.

Student Jumpers - For those participating in our AFF or SDU programs, we offer private packing classes on Mondays and Thursdays to help you meet the packing requirement for your USPA A-license. All classes are by appointment only. The cost for the class is $50 and--weather permitting--you can take the class, jump your own pack job and get your A-license card signed off all on the same day. If your schedule precludes taking a class on one of these days, let us know. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

If you have any special packing needs or would like to schedule a packing class, please email Laura Kennard at or call our office at (903) 364-5103.

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