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First Jump Requirements

Skydiving is a sport for free spirits and those with a healthy sense of adventure. As such, we try to keep rules and regulations to a minumum. The rules we do have are there to keep us safe and ensure that our sport continues to thrive and grow. For your First Jump--either Tandem or Solo--there is very little that we require. Some of these requirements are explained more fully in the FAQ that follows.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to skydive . We require you to bring a valid photo ID with you on the day of the jump. No ID, no jump. No exceptions
  • You must weigh less than 220 lbs for a Tandem Skydive. There is a $20 additional charge for tandem students over 200 pounds.
  • You must weigh less than 220 lbs for a Solo First Jump
  • Although skydivers are a fun-loving community, safety is always our first concern. For this reason, we cannot allow anyone to skydive who has any alcohol or other judgment-clouding medications in their system.
  • For safety reasons we don't allow you to jump in sandals, boots, or shoes with heels. Wear a pair of sneakers or sport shoes
  • Although this isn't a requirement per se, we suggest strongly that you wear comfortable clothing appropriate for the current weather conditions. Keep in mind that it can be quite a bit colder at 13,500 feet than it is at Ground Level!

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