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Student FAQ

Is there an age limit?
Yes. You must be at least 18 yrs old to skydive . For legal reasons, there are no exceptions to this rule, even with parental consent.

Is there a weight limit?
Yes. You must weigh less than 220 lbs to skydive using our student gear .

Why is there a weight limit?
Weight limits are based upon the reserve canopy's maximum "wing loading," a value calculated by comparing the student's weight to the square footage of the reserve parachute. For safety reasons, this wing loading value must not exceed the manufacturer's recommendations for that parachute.

What do I need to bring?
If you have already jumped at Skydive Dallas, you just need to bring yourself. Otherwise, you'll need a valid driver's license or other government-issued photo ID that verifies your age.

What should I wear?
Students should dress comfortably for the current weather conditions, keeping in mind that the temperature at altitude is typically colder than it is on the ground. In the wintertime, it can be much colder. In the warmer months, blue jeans or shorts are just fine. Make sure you wear tennis shoes or sneakers. We don't allow you to jump in sandals, boots, or shoes with heels. If you wear glasses, we have special goggles that will fit over them.

I have my own gear. Can I use it?
Maybe. If you would like to jump your own rig, it must meet several requirements. First, it must be equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (e.g. Cypres or Vigil) and an RSL. Secondly, the wing loading of both the main and reserve canopies must be less than or equal to the manufacturer's recommended wing loading for students. Finally, and regardless of manufacturer recommendations, your instructor must be comfortable with the wing loading of your main canopy. If you have never jumped at Skydive Dallas before, it is likely that we will have you start with our equipment so that we can assess your canopy piloting skills. If you have clear goggles or a wrist-mounted altimeter you may certainly wear those.

How many jumps can I do in a day?
This is highly variable and depends upon many factors, including weather, instructor availability, and the student's physical stamina. Every student skydive includes a pre-flight briefing on freefall and canopy techniques, a thorough inspection of all student gear, a review of skydiving procedures and terminology, and multiple walk-throughs or "dirt-dives" of that jump's "dive flow." After the skydive is completed, the instructor provides the student with a thorough debriefing. This entire process can take as little as 40 minutes, or as long as two hours. Weather permitting, a typical student can make 2-4 jumps quite comfortably in a single day.

At what altitude do we jump?
Our typical jump altitude is 13,500 feet (more than two and a half miles). Occasionally, high-altitude cloud cover or Air Traffic Control will force us to jump from a lower altitude, but our students will always get at least 10,000 feet in order to guarantee enough freefall time to achieve the performance objectives for their dives.

Do I need reservations?
Yes. All of our student skydives are by appointment only to ensure we are adequately staffed to meet your needs. We are happy to make your reservations over the telephone. Call us at 1-800-SKYDIVE (if you have a Dallas/Fort Worth phone number) or directly at (903) 364-5000. If you are at the dropzone and have completed your reserved jumps for that day but would like to keep jumping, we can often accommodate the extra jumps. Just ask. Please remember that gift certificates and jump tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable.

Can I get a video of my student skydive?
Absolutely! You can add video to any of our student skydives for an additional charge. Video makes the debriefing process even better and will allow you to review your performance again and again. If you would like this service, be sure to mention it when you make your reservation.

Can family or friends come watch?
Yes. We have an observation deck, picnic tables, and even an on-site café if they get hungry. Keep in mind, however, that as a student you will be quite busy working with your instructors, studying new material, and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes! If you bring children, make sure that there will be someone available to watch them at all times. Skydive Dallas is an adult playground, and children must always be under adult supervision.

I'm sitting around waiting for the weather to clear. What's there to do?
If inclement weather rears its ugly head, there are plenty of things to keep you entertained while you wait. To name just a few: free wireless internet, ping pong, foosball, skydiving videos, and satellite TV. If you bring along a Hacky Sack, we guarantee you'll NEVER be without friends and something to do during a weather hold.

Can I camp out or spend the night at the Dropzone?
Certainly. We'd love to have you! Skydive Dallas has a free, first-come, first-served bunkhouse with 12 beds. For those who prefer the outdoors or the privacy of their own tent, we also have a designated camping area. Our bathrooms and showers are available 24/7 and we have toiletries available in the Pro Shop in case you forgot your toothbrush.

Do you accommodate Special Needs?
Skydiving is a sport and certain physical limitations can pose difficulties for newcomers. However, we have a highly experienced staff and have been able to accommodate many people with disabilities. The bottom line is this: if you have a special requirement, pick up the phone and call us. In some cases, we may require a doctor's release.

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