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© 2014, Justin Russell

© 2014, Justin Russell

Skydive University

Skydive Dallas is the only Skydive University (SDU) campus in the state of Texas. As a certified SDU training facility, all Skydive Dallas coaches must successfully complete the SDU Coach Certification Program--a demanding, strenuous test of skydiving freefall skills, classroom presentation techniques, and student skills analysis used to train coaches and competitive skydivers around the globe. Upon your graduation from the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program, our highly-motivated SDU coaches will provide you with one-on-one, personalized instruction to help you master the next steps along the road to basic bodyflight.

The SDU program is grouped into 7 modules, each with a specific learning objective. Module One consists of a single evaluation dive, which will be waived if you have completed your AFF training (Skydive University Phase I) here at Skydive Dallas. Modules Two, Three, and the first three jumps of module Four have been carefully designed to walk you through the tasks and information required to obtain a USPA "A" License. This license is the first major milestone in your skydiving career, and will allow you to jump unsupervised at virtually any dropzone in the world.

Skydive University Phase II

  • SDU Module 1 - Evaluation Dive (1 Jump)
  • SDU Module 2 - Forward Motion (3 Jumps)
  • SDU Module 3 - Fall Rate Control (3 Jumps)
  • SDU Module 4a - Center Point Turns, Part 1 (3 Jumps)

For students interested in taking their freefall skills to an even higher level, Skydive Dallas offers an additional set of Modules which target advanced bodyflight techniques:

Skydive University Phase III

  • SDU Module 4b - Center Point Turns, Part 2 (3 Jumps)
  • SDU Module 5 - Side Slides (3 Jumps)
  • SDU Module 6 - Super-Positioning (3 Jumps)
  • SDU Module 7 - Tracking + More (2 Jumps)

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