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Student Jump Prices (Individual)

The prices below reflect Skydive Dallas' standard student rates and are subject to change without notice. If you'd like to be notified of our frequent jump specials, please join our Mailing List for student & first-time jumpers.

Student Jump Prices (Individual)
First Jump Course - $100
AFF Level 1 - $229
AFF Level 2-3 - $209 ea.
AFF Level 4-7 - $179 ea.
SDU Jumps - $99 ea.
Hop 'n Pops - $55 ea.
Solos - $61 ea. (includes pack job)
USPA Membership - $65
Parachute Packing Class - $50

Some Notes on Pricing:

  • All prices include a 4% cash discount
  • AFF prices include gear rental
  • SDU Prices include gear rental if you purchase a complete SDU package (Phase II or III) or you book any 3 SDU jumps on the same day

Notes on Package Prices:

  • Each student skydive sets specific performance objectives. Some students may require more than one attempt at a skydive in order to meet those objectives. The actual number of jumps required to graduate from AFF or to successfully complete an SDU module will vary from student to student
  • Package pricing assumes the student stays current while completing the package. For non-licensed jumpers, this means no more than thirty days may pass between skydives. If for any reason you become uncurrent, there will be an additional charge for recurrency training and/or a recurrency jump with an instructor.

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© 2014, Justin Russell

AFF & SDU Packages

AFF Package (SDU Phase I ) - $1,124
(Save 10% over the Individual Purchase Price of $1,249)
The United States Parachute Association-sanctioned Accelerated Freefall program provides students with the necessary training and tools to successfully take command of their own fun and safety in the air, on the ground, and everywhere in between. The price includes AFF Levels 2-7, USPA Membership Fees, and your Parachute Packing class. It does not include AFF Level 1, which may be satisfied by a Solo First Jump or two Tandem Jumps. See our First Jump Pricing page for more details on these options.

Skydive University Phase II - $802
(Save 10% over the Individual Purchase Price of $891)
After you graduate from the Accelerated Freefall ( AFF) program, our highly-motivated Skydive University coaches will provide you with one-on-one, personalized instruction to help you master the next steps along the road to basic bodyflight. This price includes SDU Modules Two, Three, and the first three jumps of module Four, which have been carefully designed to walk you through the tasks and information required to obtain a USPA "A" License. See our SDU page for a description of these modules. Note: Students who have not received their AFF instruction at Skydive Dallas will need to add the Module One Evaluation Dive ($99) to the package.

Skydive University Phase III - $1,069
(Save 10% over the Individual Purchase Price of $1,188)
For students interested in taking their freefall skills to an even higher level, Skydive Dallas offers a set of Modules which target advanced bodyflight techniques. This package includes the second half of Module Four, and Modules Five through Seven. See our SDU page for a description of these modules.

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USPA "A"-License Package

Basic "A" License-track Package - $2,609
(Save 15% over the Individual Purchase Price of $3,069)
If you're looking for a single package that covers all the requirements to obtain a skydiving license, this is the package for you! A USPA "A"-license requires a minimum of 25 jumps, and that's what you'll get in this special deal. We include your Solo First Jump, all 15 jumps in Skydive University Phases I and II, one Hop and Pop, 8 Solo Skydives, your USPA membership fees, and a Parachute Packing class. This package has been carefully designed to walk you through all the tasks and information required to obtain a USPA "A" License.

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